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Romy's Counselling  provides the highest quality of psychotherapy and   counselling services for individuals, couples, families and groups in the Peel Region and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Services includes: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness parenting, coaching, self esteem therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and psychotherapy for individuals and groups suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, addictions and infertility issues. 

Our philosophy to emotional well being is holistic, seeing the person as a whole person. As a result, our caring supportive staff includes registered psychotherapist, registered nurses, medical doctors, cognitive behavioural therapist, registered midwife, registered massage therapist, holistic nutritionist, cosmetic nurse injectors, addictions counselors, registered psychologists, mental health therapists, certified foot care nurses CFCN's, and social workers. We care and we are here to help you with compassion. 



Testimonials: from clients who have had individual, or group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT sessions from Romy's Counselling.

Sheila M wrote " I was sent by my insurance company to Romy's Counselling to have Cognitive behavioral therapy as I was off on stress leave from my work place. I like that not only did Romy the CBT therapist  understood my depression symptoms and how it affected my thoughts. I was also very happy that she was able to understand my medication  side effects and my other medical condition because of her nursing background. I felt that the counselling sessions not only help prepare me back for the workplace, but I feel more empowered in understanding my issues, but I am now better able to understand the inter connectedness that my other medical conditions had on my depression symptoms and triggers. Thank you Romy's Counselling January 2014.

Brad R wrote " I was referred by my family Dr as an alternative to waiting for a psychiatrist. With the help of  Romy's anxiety group sessions, I have seen great improvement in my anxiety and anger issues. I now have a different outlook on life. For me the difference has been night and day over the past 10 weeks. I feel like  I am surely on my way to continued improvement. I am glad I attended the anxiety management group sessions and  I would recommend the CBT anxiety management group. Dec 2013


Crystal T wrote. "When the psychiatrist referred me to see Romy's Counselling for CBT to cope with my depression and anxiety symptoms. I felt like given up as no treatment seems to be working for me as I battled my depression and anxiety symptoms for 5 years. Thanks to the individual  CBT sessions with Romy, I am now doing very well, I feel more empowered, and more in control of my thoughts.  I now realized the intricate connection that my negative thoughts played in contributing to my depression and anxiety symptoms" Former CBT client of Romy's Counselling May, 2011 


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We accept most workplace healthcare plan coverage and provides receipts. 


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